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About us


Founded by: Annalisa Martinez, Marcello Pergola, Marco Turrini, Carla Zanoli

The history of the Association

Since the '80s the Maths Machines Association founding group has developed research on educational activities in collaboration with the Maths History and Educational group at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, directed by Prof. P. Quattrocchi first, then by Prof. M. Bartolini Bussi.

Thank to grants provided by Modena City Council (within the initiatives towards Right to Education), CNR, Math Department of the University of Modena, and "Science High School "A. Tassoni" in Modena, a classroom has been equipped and a lab set up where in 1983 we started building hands-on models to teach Geometry. With the aid of the Computer Center of the University of Modena, a few years later we also started producing audiovisual material about bundles of conicals and geometrical transfomations.

Our research focuses on the learning process of the basic mathematical theories, methods and the contextualization of problems. It aims at facilitating this process by providing the historical context where a theory developed and a tangible and visual dimension of the problem. This last is obtained by means of machines which put projects and idea since ancient Greece into practice.

The overall activity of the group has been described through various talks in meetings and seminars and publications

Since 1992 we also give exhibitions of the machines.

Upon request, kits and 3D models have been provided to schools, universities and national and foreign institutions. Moreover special models with increased haptics have been built.

Currently the collection of "Maths Machines" consists of more than 150 models and is hosted in the two branches of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia's maths machines lab: the equipped classrom by the Math Department and the exhibition area in Via Camatta 15, Modena, where the tools for perspective are permanently shown.


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