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Cavalieri's parabola drawing tool

A metal or wood segment CK, k long, slides in groove AK cut on plane p. Rod CV, lying on ∏ and perpendicular to CK, is rigidly linked to CK in C.

When right angle KCV moves it lets right angle AVK, which sides VA and VK are forced to go through A and K respectively, move too.

While AVK side lengthes vary through the movent, the triangle always remains a right-angled with AK as hypotenuse and VC as height relative to the hypotenuse. The Euclide\'s theorem can be applide to AVK and the following relation derived: (VC´VC) = (CK´CA) = (k´CA). This relation also represents the parabola main property, in fact, by setting CA=x and VC=y, the following equation can be written:


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