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I.P.S.I.A. "L.B.Alberti Rimini"

Due to the high value of the educational itineraries and projects, the professional high-school \"L.B.Alberti\" based in Rimini is the only one from Emilia Romagna invited by the Minister fo Education at the National Exhibition Job&orienta in Verona. The school presents the following projects:

- Motorbikes set up for World Rally Championship: high-school teacher Paolo Massari is both the project coordinator and a participant in international rally competitions. He presents a KTM motorbike which took part in three Pharaons\' rallies and was completely reworked with the collaboration of his students.

- Remodelling of an aeronautic engine from World War One

- Maths machines lab: educational itinerary set up by high-school teacher Silvegni Maria Giovanna in collaboration with University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and Maths Machines Association to study geometry.

The activities on similitude and geometric quadrant, Talete\'s theorem, prespective through perspective observation of Rimini\'s big wheel have been presented. The whole itinerary makes use of maths machines olready used in \'400 and reproduced in the labs of this institute. The students participating in the project were Graffi Luca, Marini Thomas (motocross 125 Rookie Italian champion) and Pagliarani Filippo. They were coordinated by school teachers Massari Paolo, Pagliarani Ivan, Silvegni Maria Giovanna. Dott. Toccafondi Gabriele, undersecretary to Public Education, was fascinated by the originality of the project and by the professionality of our school.

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